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The Power of Gem Stones -Dr. MM Raza – Rasikh Gems & Jewellers – Dec 20th 2014
Dr.M.M. Raza coming from a well educated Gem Stone business oriented family. The Family has got a vast experience of 45 years in Astro Gem Therapy. He is a graduate and has acquired the knowledge of gemology from his father Mr.M. Mahadi Hussain.

Rasikh Gems and Jewellers also provide different types of gems stones depending on the customer requirements. Today, we have attained a competitive edge in the highly demanding global market and entrenched ourselves as the leading gem stones supplier based on their planetary or astrology effect. Our Products caters into different types depending on their size, shape etc. Precious gem stones, semi precious stones, Planetary gem stones, astrological gem stones, Lucky Stones,Birth Stones,Beads. are few among the products we supply

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