• Gems is a medicine of God. • Gems are natural product of the earth. • Gems is a conductor and booster of the cosmic energy. • Gems are store houses of divine energy. • Make Impossible as possible by wearing your favorable Gemstone. • Favorable Gem Stones brings Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Name, Fame and Power make life comfortable. • Jyothish Gems : JYOTH it’s a light and ISH means good light of god. • Nature will not come knocking on your door to help you. It is up to you to harmonize and be a good conductor with nature by wearing your beneficial Gemstone. What are you waiting for? We have a plan for every budget and every situation.

Suman Art Theaters International Visista Puraskar 2014 
Mr.M.M. Raza AstroGemologist (Award Winner)

Mr.M.M. Raza coming from a well educated Gem Stone business oriented family. The Family has got a vast experience of 45 years in Astro Gem Therapy. 

He is a graduate and has acquired the knowledge of gemology from his father Mr.M. Mahadi Hussain. He has also done his certification in gemology from the School of Jyodhisham which was runned by the famous Vedic Astrologer Mr. A.P.Velayudham. 

Mr. M.M.Raza is into the service of Astro Gems since 15 years. In 1998 he has started his career as a Gemologist in Bangalore While expanding the business towards Hyderabad Mr. M.M.Raza was appointed as the Branch Head to take care of all the services provided from this branch


A Gem of Business by Business For All Magazine


like many others, MM Raza would have been stuck in a groove 
if he had just set up a shop to sell gem stones and jewellery. 

But his constant search for something new made him hit upon an idea that turned his enterprise into a multi-crore venture spanning across the states of Karnataka and Andhra pradesh