Rasikh Gems & Jewellers was founded 50 years ago by Mr.M.Mahadi Hussian, who hails from a traditional gem-miner family, Bangalore, India. His avowed mission was to provide people with the most authentic gemstones with all their pristine glory intact so the divine good in them is preserved for the users.

Mr.Mahadi Hussain’s mission was ably carried forward by his sons, Dr.Roshan and Dr.M.M.Raza. They upgraded their father’s humble endeavor to the next level — a leading provider of all kinds of standard rashi stones, beads, and jewelry. Each of them today bears the hallmark of superb craftsmanship. Rasikh Gems & Jewellers in Bangalore, gems and jewellery vijayawada, gems and jewellery vishakapatnam , gems and jewellery dubai and gems and jewellery Hyderabad is a by word for quality stones, the authenticity, and beauty of which are beyond challenge.

The two brothers made the company a joint venture in 1990. Further adding value and quality to life and living, Roshan and Raza, acquired knowledge of the ancient wisdom of astrology and gems from contemporary peers in the field. This helped them to serve their clients better, giving out astro-gem solutions to many problems man faces today. The company provides precious gemstones, semi precious stones, planetary gemstones, astrological gemstones, lucky stones, and birthstones. Today some 800 footfalls are registered with the two establishments every day, each becoming our goodwill ambassador.

Dr.MM.Raza has since emerged a popular patriarch for stricken millions who eagerly participate in his free electronic media show where people can seek solutions to their problems. He addresses scores of such programs in all leading Telugu and Urdu channels and is set to get on to Hindi TV to widen his good works.

Gem of Knowledge

Noted Astro-gemmologist, Dr MM Raza of Rasikh Gems, and recently a recipient of Vishista Purasakar, penned a book on gems and their powers. He speaks about his passion and journey of discovering the treasure trove of knowledge on gems.

The quest for gems and precious stones is known to the human beings from times immemorial. Many kings and rulers had a variety of gems in their treasures. It is believed that these trinkets of mother earth possess the power to change human lives according to planetary positions. The scientific study of these precious nuggets is called ‘Gemology’.
At the same time astronomy concerns the study of stars and planets, and astrology studies the effects of stars and planets on human beings. Astro-Gemology combines the three and makes a scientific study into their inter relationship. Dr MM Raza is an Astro-gemologist, and is a master of astronomy, astrology and gemology. And he has come with an exclusive book about gems. His book ‘The Power of Gems – To make you healthy, wealthy and wise’ will be released soon.

“I have put all my 20 years of experience about gems in this book. And it took me little over two years to complete it,” shares Dr Raza. The book throws light on gems and their use for the mankind. “I wrote this book more with my heart than with my head because people and their problems are central to me not the academic discourse,” he says.
He acquired the knowledge of gemology from his father. He has also done his certification in gemology from the School of Jyodhisham; eminent Vedic Astrologer AP Velayudham ran the school. Dr Raza is into the service of Astro-Gems since 15 years. In 1998 he started his career as a gemologist in Bangalore and he expanded his services to Hyderabad in the 2010.
He has been consulted by more than ten lakh people till now and has been part of TV shows on various channels. He listens to his TV audience on live telecasts and suggests various gems for different diseases and problems. Dr Raza comes from a gem stone business oriented family. The family has got a vast experience of 45 years in Astro-Gem therapy.
He was born at Alipur, Karnataka. And his tryst with gem stones traces back to his childhood, when he was in Class VII. He used visit the gemstone mines owned by his uncle in Ananthapur. “One day when we reached the spot at the mines I saw several people were engaged in plumbing for stone. I asked my uncle why they were taking so much trouble for stones as they are available everywhere.
My uncle explained to me that they are digging for gems and they have greater value and use in human life,” he relates. His fascination for gems grew along with him. He once quizzed his father about the same and his father had said that these gems are one of the thousand wonders of God. From then on, he started digging deep to unravel the mystery and power of gems.
“I was mesmerised with gems; I would bring broken part of a bangle or glass and ask if it was ruby or emerald. I was so deep in the world of gems that I even flunked in my Class X,” shares Dr Raza. After failing school little Raza wanted to join the family business of gems. However, his father told him that one must be educated first to pursue business.
“My elder brother batted for my cause. He said if Raza is so keen in the business let him start. Studies can be done later in life also. I pursued higher studies and cleared my graduation but I had never let go my first love – gems,” he shares. He continued to study and employ gems for varied ills for over two decades. He acquired the insight into the precious stones and effectively gives remedies to people who approach him. At his showroom in Hyderabad— Rasikh Gems, Dr Raza dispenses gems, sometimes free to the poor and the needy.
“I also counsel people and educate them about the gems. Many people have come crestfallen and returned with smile of gratitude. The power of gems is truly amazing. I believe giving people relief from their problems is noble too. To me it is not just business but a way to help the people,” Dr Raza signs off.
By: Navin Pivhal
Article: The Hans India