Gemology Services at Rasikh Gems and Jewellers

It is generally believed that the supernatural rays of the planets by their cosmic forces control and modulate our life. The assigned Gemology, Gems are supposed to convert the supernatural energy emanating from the planets into harmonious forces to boost the power and energy of the wearer. However, this belief does not seem to find any scientific basis.
Rationally speaking, Gems , Gemology themselves may not have any magical powers to change or modify one’s destiny. However, the relief seems to come from Dharma Shastra, which prescribes Mani (gems), Mantra (verses) and Oushada (God) as the remedial means to redeem from Poorava Karma.

Gems are not mere ornaments since they have the sanctity of idols in temples. Therefore, they have to be cleansed, purified and energized in Vedic way before wearing them.

Most Astrologers are ignorant of this important procedure and ask their clients to simply immerse them in milk or salt water for a night or perform an Archana in a temple before wearing them. Some others offer themselves to energize them on a hefty fee. Unfortunately, none of these can serve the purpose.

Once a gem is properly emerged and subjected to tests, it can be worn either on fingers or even as the pendant, which makes no difference.

Gems are used not only to propitiate planets but also for healing chronic illness. To do this correctly and effectively you need the services of a professional and competent Astrologer. Rasikh Gems has the required experience and expertise.

Genuine gems vary in grade and price. It is also difficult to identify them from fakes. That is the reason so much of fake ones are on sale in the market.

You need a trustworthy Astrologer to help you out in selecting not only the suitable one for you at a reasonable price but also to help you to cleanse and energize them.