Ruby – Sun Planet

Sun-Ruby (Manik) of good quality is as expensive as a diamond. The stone belongs to the Sun which is considered as the soul and the king of all nine planets. It also protects the wearer from sunstroke. Ruby Gemstone is worn by those whose zodiac sign is Leo or Sun position is weak. The ruby gemstone removes poverty impacts prosperity, Name & Fame in political sphere and son is born to the wearer. As it is the color of blood warriors wore it to battle.

The Semi precious Sun-Ruby stone jewellery also endows knowledge, intelligence, and mental peace and ensures longevity. Women are warned against wearing rubies, stone gems as they may lose some of their lusters to the stone A stone above 2 karats are set in gold worn on the ring finger gains more power if worn when the Sun is in Aries or Leo. The auspicious day and time to wear gemstones are Sunday at sunrise. The gemstone ruby represents the sun as reddish purple color. The Indian name of the planet sun is manic and the other names are Padma Raga, Red Lotus, Colour Gem, Shona Ratna, Red Jewel, Ravi Ratna, Ratna Raj, Gem of Sun. The semi precious gemstone Ruby jewellery should be studded in gold or silver and should be wearing on the ring finger of the right hand.

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