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Rasikh Gems & Jewellers was founded 50 years ago by Mr.M.Mahadi Hussian, who hails from a traditional gem-miner family, Bangalore, India. His avowed mission was to provide people with the most authentic gemstones with all their pristine glory intact so the divine good in them is preserved for the users.

Mr.Mahadi Hussain’s mission was ably carried forward by his sons, Dr.Roshan and Dr.M.M.Raza. They upgraded their father’s humble endeavor to the next level — a leading provider of all kinds of standard rashi stones, beads, and jewelry. Each of them today bears the hallmark of superb craftsmanship. Rasikh Gems & Jewellers in Bangalore and Hyderabad is a byword for quality stones, the authenticity, and beauty of which are beyond challenge.

The two brothers made the company a joint venture in 1990. Further adding value and quality to life and living, Roshan and Raza, acquired knowledge of the ancient wisdom of astrology and gems from contemporary peers in the field. This helped them to serve their clients better, giving out astro-gem solutions to many problems man faces today. The company provides precious gemstones, semi precious stones, planetary gemstones, astrological gemstones, lucky stones, and birthstones. Today some 800 footfalls are registered with the two establishments every day, each becoming our goodwill ambassador.

Dr.MM.Raza has since emerged a popular patriarch for stricken millions who eagerly participate in his free electronic media show where people can seek solutions to their problems. He addresses scores of such programs in all leading Telugu and Urdu channels and is set to get on to Hindi TV to widen his good works.

Any gemstone that is not a diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire is a semi-precious gemstone. Calling a gemstone semi-precious does not mean it is less valuable than precious gemstones. Semi-precious gemstones are just usually more abundant (but there are a few exceptions).

The value given to semi-precious gemstones depend largely on color, availability, and quality. Because these gemstones typically have more sources, they are a good choice for larger, clean-eye stones and come in a rainbow of colors.

Some semi-precious gemstones are not stones at all but are made of organic material like amber, coral, and pearl.

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