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Sreekanth, Private company Employee
When I was suffering from my relationship, I have consulted Dr.MM RAZA and I have never seen any dishonesty or negative thinking in his approach. RasikhGems was very genuine. Now my relationship bond is very good and I am very grateful to him and every people should visit once to get an idea to solve your problem. I am sure that you will be very pleased and satisfied with there suggestions.
Ganesh, Private Employee
I was suffered a lot due to health issue, meanwhile, I have seen advises and suggestions of Dr. MM RAZA, Astro gemologist in news channels and believed his speech. So by getting suggestions from him, I am very happy with my health condition. I thankful for his suggestions.
Ravi, Private Employee
When I was not satisfied with my job which is not according to my profile I have been going through depression. One of my friends suggested me to consult Dr. MM RAZA who is a good Astro gemologist he will resolve all your problems with one gemstone and you will be satisfied with his suggestions.on the suggestion of my friend I have approached them and at present I am happy with my job as well as future.Thank you RAZA.
Raghavendra, Landscape Service
I would like to say that by wearing pearl it seems more easily to make emotional decisions without worrying and tearing up. So I continue to feel a sense of joyful prediction since wearing my emerald.
Vishu, Business Man
As per your guidance, I have started businesses and now I am seeing huge success in my business. I didn’t know until you told me that business is my destined field. Now I am happy and thanks a lot, Dr. MM RAZA
purshotham, Private Company Employee
I really thankful for suggesting to me to wear blue sapphire, as it has turned out to more powerful, life-saving, charming and blissful that I ever could have imagined.
Durga prasad, Dentist
When I am worried about my daughter or son’s marriage, my friends suggested to contact DR. MM RAZA was an Astro gemologist, he told some suggestions to wear gemstone according to their astrology. After wearing that gemstone my children have got married without any trouble. I am thankful for giving suggestions.
Vinay, Real estate
I am so much surprised after feeling their effect. Practically I came to know the power of Gems in my life. Now I am very happy and well settled in my life ups and downs and always grateful to Dr. MM RAZA
Arvind, Software consultant
I am very happy to tell you that I got a job offer, after being through ups and downs in my career life. The Sapphire really brought me luck. I am wearing it all the times.
Ram, Employed in private sector
When I consulted Dr. MM RAZA he suggested wearing gemstone as per zodiac sign so that if you have any problem related to jobs, marriage proposals, or any relation bond. Now I am happy where my dreams became true after wearing that gemstone. I am thankful for giving me advice which is genuine.
Akhil, Business man
When I am suffering from legal issues, my friends suggested to consult Dr. MM RAZA was a famous Astro gemologist. After his suggestion, my problem has been resolved and I am very thankful for his advice.
Balaji, Film Artist
RAZA Garu, you have changed my entire Life with your suggestions during my tough time in my industry. I appreciate your services and recommend to all professionals for right direction in their life
Shyam sunder, Corporate Employee
I would like to recommend it to every one interested in building a stable career in their life. I trust Dr. MM RAZA and his services which helps me to take right direction my career at the right time. Thank you very much to Dr. MM RAZA, Rasikh Gems
Mahinder Nayak , Contractor
I recommend Dr.MM RAZA Services to all Business people who wants to develop in their Business. My sincere thanks to RAZA garu for his valuable services which helps me to grown in business
Gopal Raju, Transport Business
I met Dr. MM RAZA during my tough situation in my job at my company. After his suggestions, I am very successful in my career, Thanks to Dr. MM RAZA
Dayanand , Software Engineer
If you are cross roads at your career for better direction, i would suggest Dr. MM RAZA and his services. He suggested like my brother. Now I am very successful in my career, Thanks to Dr. MM RAZA
Vasudev Rao, Business Man
I am very successful in my business by taking the suggestions of Dr. MM RAZA, Astro Gemologist, Rasikh Gems and Jewellers, Hyderabad. I thank him for my success. I advise his services to all who are in troubles in business and want to grow in their Business. Thank you very much once again. All the Best