Dr.Roshan coming from a well educated Astro Gem Stone service based business oriented family which has got a vast experience of 45 years in Astro Gemology.
He has done his degree of “Indian Council of Astrological Science”, conducted at MEI Polytechnic, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore in the year 1994 under the Chairmanship of Dr.S.Krishna Kumar. He is a qualified Jyothis Praveena, Jyothis Visharad, and Planetary Gem Adviser in India.

His expertise is in Astrology, Advocating Gems for various problems related to Education, Profession, Marriage, Foreign Avocation, Health, Family Issues such as misunderstanding between husband & wife, family members, begetting issues for children’s, complication pertaining to health of women, prosperity in all directions (Gaining wealth, house, properties etc.).

Within a very short span he has gained recognition in the flew and made thousands of successful prediction to the peoples in and around Bangalore, India. and let to understands the power of astrology.


Received honorary doctorate from the renowned American based Academy of Universal Global Peace. The doctorate presentation ceremony was held at Bengaluru on November 1, 2014