Moon – Pearl

The Moon Pearl gem stone jewellery is also called the “Queen of the Sea” as it harmonizes Chandra, the planet moon which directly influences emotions, mind, affluence and compassion for other people. As the moon occupies a central role in the solar system and in our physiology it influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in physiology and our emotions.

A Moon Pearl ring or pendant is worn to strengthen the moon in a horoscope. Moon Pearl helps peace of mind and enables the practice of spiritual meditations with greater concentration. Moon Pearl are good for women in general and help infertility, as well as deal with the stresses of motherhood. Pearls are good for those born under the sun sign of cancer. It is also recommended for those engaged in the educational fields, men of letters, research scholars & scientists, particularly those dealing with atomic energy, politics, engineering, navigation, shipping, sports, law and judiciary, banking, insurance and irrigation departments etc. It can be used for improving one’s memory and retentive power as well as the power of psyche.

It is must for those suffering from sleeplessness or for those having ailments of the heart, stomach ulcers, eye problems, hysteria, giddiness, pleurisy, epilepsy, fevers, diabetes and T.B. Pearls use shuns evil influence and protection from difficult environments and blesses the wearer with qualities of perseverance, patience, faith in the maker, purity of mind and reduces sensitiveness. The wearer also develops the hatred for anger and violence and the willingness to do public good goes up.

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