Project Description

Rasikh gems and jewellery gemstone testing laboratory Hyderabad Office

Rasikh Gems & Jewellers, founded 45 years ago by Mr.M.Mahadi Hussian, Bangalore, India, with a vision to provide customers with aesthetically pleasing and prominent quality gems, precious stones, semi precious stones, lucky stones, birth stones, rashi stones and all types of beads at competitive prices.

Rasikh Gems & Jewellers is a joint venture Dr.Roshan and Dr.M.M.Raza on the way back in 1990. They emerged with a vision for their eyes to offer good customer service, international quality and a competitive price in the company also believes in industry. Our gemstone beauty of natural stone, which contributes to our efforts to avoid an unnatural or treated stones. We are a small company with a great aptitude for value, satisfaction and reliability.

We provide different types of gems stones depending on the customer requirements. Today, we have attained a competitive edge in the highly demanding global market and entrenched ourselves as the leading gem stones supplier based on their planetary or astrologyeffect. Our Products caters into different types depending on their size, shape etc. Precious gem stones, semi precious stones, Planetary gem stones, astrological gem stones, Lucky Stones,Birth Stones,Beads. are few among the products we supply.

Our dedicated team has many talented and creative artisans who have been in this business for generations. They are known for their ability to design in traditional styles and later depending on customer needs.

We pay attention to the source and quality of raw materials and forms, cutting, finishing and polishing all types of stone. We manually check the raw materials and finished products in natural sunlight and lamps to ensure the quality of each type of stone.

Gems & Precious stones have fascinated people since ancient times. India is no exception to this rule. The role of precious stones and semi-precious stones in Indian mythology and society is essential.

In early India, people of jewellery made with natural materials found in abundance in the country all the seeds, feathers, leaves, berries, fruits, flowers, animal bones, claws and teeth. Gems and jewellery, is a part of the inventory of the most essential of all households in India, as almost all men and women here are big fan of the ornaments.

We make your vision a reality – contact us with a brief description of your needs and we will give you the personal attention you deserve.